AEGIS Ashore Missile Defence Facility

Military defense facility composed of Housing Facility, Dining Facility, Medical Facility, Access Control Facility, BOS Building and General Purpose Warehouse (GPW) with the total area of 7,250 m2.

Our company was awarded to execute the turn key finishing works, exterior aluminum window and door installation, 5 km of fence around the base, infrastructure and exterior works.

The works under our contract have been delivered successfully within 7 months.

Note: The photos are taken from the official Facebook account of Deveselu Base.

Provided services

  • Finishing Works
  • Fa?ade Works
  • Security Fence (5 km length)
  • Infrastructure Works

Project data

  • Location: Deveselu, Romania
  • Type: Military Building
  • Surface: 7,250 m2
  • Year: 2015